24/7 Emergency Window Repairs


24/7 Emergency Window Repairers

At True Blue Glass, we aim to provide the most comprehensive glazing services throughout South East Queensland. One of the many services we offer is a 24/7 emergency window repair service. We know how stressful a broken window can be, especially if it means your home or business won’t be secure overnight.

When hiring the True Blue Glass team for your 24/7 emergency window repairs, you can expect us to attend within an hour, day or night. It’s not only glass windows that we replace but also glass doors, shower screens, mirrors and more.

Our glaziers have been in the glass industry for decades, and we utilise the latest technology and equipment to deliver first-class services time after time. Whether it’s day, night, or on a weekend, we can come to you to fix your broken windows, giving you peace of mind that your home or business is safe and secure once more.

The True Blue Glass team have the expertise to handle all types of emergency glass repairs no matter how complex, from accidental damage to deliberate destruction, we have you covered.

Our emergency glass window replacements are conducted to the absolute highest standard and are fitted in line with Australian Standards AS 1288 2006.

Why choose True Blue Glass for your emergency glass window repairs

As one of South East Queensland’s most trusted and well-known glass companies, you can have complete assurance that your glass repairs will be carried out to precision. All our glaziers are qualified, licenced and insured and have in-depth knowledge and experience working with all facets of glass.

It’s not only our workmanship that we are proud of but also our dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

What you can expect with our emergency glass window replacement services:

  • Affordable and competitive pricing.
  • We aim to be friendly and reliable. We can work with you to find a glass replacement option that works for your specific requirements and budget.
  • Our glazier’s service all of South East Queensland, and our glaziers can come to you at a time that suits.
  • We cover all types of emergency glass repairs including residential and commercial. We can converse with shopping centres, schools, property managers, body corps and more.
  • No emergency glass window job is too big or small, we do it all.
  • Minimise the insurance claim process, we can send invoices directly to your insurer to save you the hassle.

Why you should consider an emergency replacement service over a regular glass replacement service

It is no secret that broken glass is dangerous, and opting for a regular glass replacement service means that your glass window won’t be fixed straight away. There are a couple of issues with this aside from the potential hazards it poses, but it also opens your home or business up to the elements, bugs, pests and potential thieves. It is simply not worth taking the risk when you can get it taken care of with an emergency glass repair service. Rather than waiting days to have your window fixed, it can be repaired in around an hour.

Replacing a broken glass window is a good time to look at upgrading to better-quality glass. This not only offers better security but energy efficiency too. This is better for your wallet and the environment.

Some potential glass replacement options include:

  • Double glazed glass
  • Wired glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Coloured glass
  • Safety glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Textured glass
  • Tinted glass

Repair vs replacement

Our emergency window repair services are available for broken or shattered windows that are beyond repair. If your glass simply has a chip, this is not considered an emergency and a regular service will likely be booked to repair or replace it for you. In some instances, a repair won’t suffice and an entire replacement is required. Attempting to repair glass that has large breaks isn’t a feasible, nor safe option. If your glass is old and outdated and a repair is all that is required, it may be worth upgrading your glass instead. While it may cost more, it hosts an array of benefits such as reducing energy consumption and boosting the value of a property.

Glass windows and doors move, and they need to be able to withstand impact and force without breaking or shattering as a result. The fit needs to be extra secure to prevent the glass from shifting when the door or window is opened or closed, touched, or slammed. To ensure a long-lasting and safe installation, the right type of glass and installation technique needs to be used. You can be assured that we fit and install the correct glass for the application.

Common reasons you may need to request an emergency glass window repair

  • Accidental breakages
  • Vandalism
  • Break-ins
  • Natural disasters such as storms or cyclones

Regardless of what your emergency is, our emergency glass repairers can come to you immediately to remove the broken glass from the window and replace it with a new piece. They can also replace frames and fixtures too if required. Our glaziers will arrive at your home or business with a fully equipped vehicle that has numerous panes of glass onboard. We can cut and measure your glass to size on site enabling you to have your window fixed promptly ensuring the security of your property isn’t jeopardised for longer than it needs to be.

How long does an emergency glass window repair take to complete?

How long an emergency glass window repair takes depends on how big the repair job is, how accessible the window is and whether only the glass needs replacing or the frame and fixings as well. On average, a standard emergency glass replacement takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Call the best in the best in the business for your emergency glass repairs

For all your emergency glass repair needs, contact the glass specialists here at True Blue Glass. We can come to you in an hour if required, to repair your glass. We’ll clean up after we’re done and take the old broken pane with us ensuring that no one can be injured from broken pieces of glass.

Feel free to contact us on (07) 3733 2297 or request a free quote online via our website.