Double Glazed Windows – Their Amazing Benefits For Those Warm Summer Months


When it comes to double glazed windows, many assume they are only beneficial for people in cooler climates or when its winter but, did you know they offer just as many if not more benefits in the summertime? If you are thinking of upgrading your windows, here are all the reasons why you should consider double-glazed panes.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows combine two panes of glass to make an individual window. The panes are separated by gas and it is sealed in. The layer of gas provides optimal insulation against outside elements and within the home. They are popular amongst homeowners due to their sustainability and energy-saving benefits.

Reduce The Amount Of Heat That Can Get Inside

When the heat is relentless outside, the last thing you want is it getting inside. Unlike single-paned glass that allows heat to transfer through the window, double glazed windows are highly insulated and reduce the amount of heat that can get indoors by repelling it. This leads to a much cooler home. Once the weather cools down again, they prevent heat from escaping, so its win-win all year-round.

Lower Your Energy Bill

Aussies are all too familiar with hot, muggy and downright uncomfortable weather. There are not too many people who don’t rely on their air-conditioning as a means to keep cool in the warmer months. As we know, cooling is one of the biggest energy consumers of all and unless you have solar, you will inevitably have higher electricity bills when using it often. Because double glazing deflects heat from your home, it won’t get as hot inside meaning you won’t need to use your cooling as much as normally needed. Over time this can save you thousands of dollars.

Noise Reduction

Summer offers pleasant temperatures at night and more are enticed to stretch their days into the evening. BBQs, entertaining, and swimming in the pool are a few of the many activities we enjoy and love about this time of year but, they also bring with them additional noise. Double glazed windows can block out unwanted sound by up to 65% compared to normal panes. While double-paned windows aren’t soundproof, they are an effective way to minimise how much noise is transferred into your home allowing you to enjoy some quiet time when you want it.

Prevent UV Damage

Regular panes, especially ones that are past their used by date, offer little to no protection against the suns harmful UV rays. It doesn’t take long for them to start fading and discolouring your carpet, curtains and furnishings. Double glazed windows can protect your flooring and belongings by drastically limiting the number of rays that penetrate through your glass all whilst still letting in ample light.

Make Your Home Safer

The Christmas holiday period is that one time of the year that we usually spend more time away from home, whether it’s visiting friends and family or going on a holiday. Thieves are well aware of this. Homes are stocked with Christmas goods and it is the perfect opportunity for them to break in. Of course, you want to have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure when you’re not there and double glazed windows a great way to do that. They are extremely strong and difficult to break. If they do try to break the glass, they will more than likely give up quickly as the noise may attract too much attention.

Avoid Condensation

Condensation is caused when moist air hits a cold surface and this is why you may see droplets on your windows if they are single-paned. It is not only inconvenient having to wipe them down but if it happens often, it can cause mould to grow on your windows and framing and even more so when the weather is hot and humid. Mould can be hazardous to your health so, its best to avoid this if you can. A simple way of saying goodbye to condensation forever is by installing double glazed windows. The inner pane is warmer than a single pane alone which prevents condensation from forming on your windows.

Keeps Your Home More Comfortable

Double glazed windows help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter which prevents the temperature from changing drastically. This makes your home more comfortable without the need for excessive artificial heating or cooling.
If your solution to getting through another sweltering summer is by cranking the air-con, why not consider double glazing your windows? They make your home more energy-efficient, safer and more peaceful. Updating your windows with double glazed glass is a great way to improve your home and its value too. If it is out of reach financially right now to replace all of your homes windows, you can start by doing the common areas first that use heating and cooling the most. While it is an initial outlay, the long term savings you will make on air-conditioning and heating will see you quickly recoup your investment. If you would like any more information on double glazed windows for your home, get in touch with our skilled team of glaziers here at True Blue Glass. We are industry leaders and will happily answer any questions you have.