Ever Wonder How Glass Is Made?

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You may not realise but glass is a material that makes up so much of our home decor, from windows, showers, doors, glass partitions, mirrors and so much more.

When you need to call a glazier in the Gold Coast area, you might start wondering about this material, and how it is so perfectly made without any type of flaw.

To help you understand more about glass, True Blue Glass can show you how it is made using modern methods.

Ingredients for Modern Glass.

In the past, glass was made from a material found in sand called silica.

This is a very fragile material which has a high melting temperature, and so over the centuries more and more additions have been combined with the glass to give it a lower melting temperature and more strength.

Modern ingredients include silica, oxides such as magnesium, lead, lanthanum or aluminium, sodium carbonate and even iron. Lime is another extremely common addition designed to strengthen the silica.

Melting the ingredients

The first stage in making glasses to melt all of the listed ingredients.

The silica is heated until it becomes liquid, and at this point it completely transforms, developing an inner structure that changes it so that it becomes a crystallized solid even when it cools.

Making glass windows

In order to make the type of glass that True Blue Glass uses for residential and commercial windows and doors, it is necessary to pour out the molten glass into a surface, which is rather like a kitchen baking tray.

This tray has a fine surface of melted tin, and the glass is then pressed so that it is flattened. The glass will then cool down into a flat surface, a pane of glass which can then be cut to the appropriate size.

Learning more about your glass

If you are having glass installed by a glazier in your Gold Coast or Brisbane property, then you can ask them to tell you more about how your glass is made. The team at True Blue Glass are always happy to help with any enquiries, so contact us today online, or call 1800-672-522 now.

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