3 Important reasons why you should consider replacing your old glass windows

Glass windows! Virtually all houses have them, and they serve many useful purposes, they let natural light in, can improve air quality, make your home more comfortable by offering great insulating properties, and so much more! Older glass windows however generally don’t provide the same benefits as their newer counterparts. Here are three reasons why you should consider replacing the outdated glass in your home.

Superior energy performance

The cost of everyday living is continuously rising, and one of the larger expenses you can’t live without is electricity. If you have no form of energy efficiency implemented at your place, it is likely your quarterly bills are hefty especially if you depend on heating and cooling to get you through the summer and winter. Good quality glass can drastically reduce your home’s energy consumption by decreasing the amount of heat that transfers from inside the house to the outside and vice versa. This can cut down the time you need to run your heating and cooling as the home retains the temperature for longer. When the glass in your windows is old or isn’t up to par, heat passes through it with ease. This means your home will get hotter in summer and colder in winter, and to counteract this, heating and cooling is generally needed for longer to get the house to a comfortable temperature. When you think of how many windows are in a home, that’s a lot of areas that are transferring heat. Installing new glass that’s more energy-efficient can drastically reduce the amount of heat that transfers through your glazing. You won’t need to run your heating or cooling for as long, and these two things alone contribute significantly to the cost of your energy bill. Good quality glazing can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run. It is not only better for your back pocket but the environment too. If being greener is something you are mindful of, you can’t go past double-glazed windows. They are made up of two panes of glass with an insulating gas separating them. Pairing this type of glass with composite frames can provide you with the ultimate thermal protection.

Boost the safety and security of your home

If your home is older and the glass in it is original, there is a good chance it doesn’t meet current Australian glass standards, and if it happens to break, it will in large, sharp shards which pose a major safety risk. If someone were to accidentally fall onto the window or grab it without proper PPE, it can cause significant injuries. Modern glass does not do this, it shatters into tiny blunt pieces or holds its form when it breaks, which drastically reduces the risk of injury. All new houses must have this type of glass, using regular glass is not safe, and it is actually against the law but there is no law stating that old properties need to remove this glass and replace it with safer options, so many homes still contain this type of glazing today. Old glass is fragile which makes it easy for an intruder to get inside. New glazing is considerably thicker and it is much harder to break therefore, it acts as a good deterrent to those trying to get into your home. Because it is stronger and more resistant to force, the person trying to get in is likely to give up as it doesn’t provide a quick entry point, and they are more at risk of getting caught the longer they are outside your property. This keeps your home, your belongings and most importantly, your family safe.

Can add value to your home

Upgrading the glass in your home is not only beneficial to you while you’re living there to cut down on your energy bill but, if you ever decide to put your property on the market, it can be a selling point and add to the overall value of your home. For some, the prospect of having to replace all the glass in a home can be discouraging. Some put all their money into buying and don’t have extra cash for upgrades straight away. Knowing that their energy bills are going to be higher, and the glass is unsafe can see potential buyers walk away from your property. A lot of older properties have regular glass partitions starting low to the floor, and this can be hazardous for young children who tend to push and lean on hard surfaces. Any improvements you make to boost energy efficiency is going to make your home more appealing. Everyone loves to save money where they can, and with more and more people looking for ways to be greener, installing quality glass is an all-round good investment.

If you want to make your home safer, more efficient, and add value investing in quality glass may be the solution. If replacing all the glass in your home is out of your budget right now, you can do it one or two rooms at a time. While it is an initial cost, the long-term savings you make will quickly see you recoup your investment. For all your glass needs, contact our highly skilled team of glaziers here at True Blue Glass. We have decades of experience helping the people of South East Queensland choose the perfect glass for their homes and businesses.