Here are the most important questions you need to ask your glazier when getting a quote

Whenever you hire a tradesperson, you should have a clear understanding of what is included in the quote they provide you with to ensure there are no hidden surprises and you are receiving a service that you think you are paying for. Here are some important questions you should ask your glazier.

What type of glass will you be using?

Depending on what the glass will be used for, you may have several options available to you. This is where it pays to do a bit of research. If you know what types of glass meet the Australian Safety Standards and are suited to the project, you can make an informed decision. Higher quality glass will cost more but, for some applications, it may be needed. Using glass that is not suitable can be extremely unsafe. Ensure that the glazier runs you through all your options.

Is the quote all-inclusive?

It’s important that you ask if the quote is all-inclusive. It needs to include the glass itself as well as labour, travel, fixtures, and any other elements required to install your glass. The last thing you want is to think you’ve got yourself a bargain only to discover the quote is for the glass only.

Are you insured and qualified?

You should ask the glazier if they are qualified to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to install your glass to the highest standard. Glass that hasn’t been installed properly poses a significant risk to you and your family, not only that, it can affect your home’s heating and cooling which can cost you money on your energy bills. Ask if the glazier is insured. This will cover you if any damage is sustained to your home while the glacier is in the process of completing the job. You may think the likelihood of this happening is low however if it does and they don’t have adequate insurance, you are the one who will be out of pocket for the repairs.

How soon can you complete the job?

In emergency glass situations, you want the glass to be replaced as soon as possible, for obvious reasons, it’s dangerous and it can leave your home vulnerable to the elements and break-ins. Typically an emergency glass service is completed within a few hours. If it is not an emergency call out, it may take longer to get an appointment time. If you know you need glass, it’s a good idea to book in advance so that you can choose a time that suits you as someone will most likely need to be home to allow the glazier access.

How long will it take to complete?

This is another question to ask your glazier when getting a quote. If you have work or other commitments, you will need to allow the glazier sufficient time to do the job while working it into your schedule. By asking this question, you can do this rather than guessing the time it will take and hoping it will align. Depending on the size of your job, the glazier may need to return to fully complete work. If you need a fair bit of work done or the job is complex, ask if it can be completed in one day or if they’ll need to return.

Can you come out to complete an onsite quote?

Some glaziers offer free onsite quotes, others don’t. It’s always a good idea to get an onsite quote, that way if there are any discrepancies with the measurements, you won’t be at fault for it. It also provides the glazier with an opportunity to see what they are working with and can offer friendly advice on which options will give you the best result for your money. It can take out the guesswork and give you a flawless finish.

Do you take old/broken glass with you?

Having old glass lying around can be a hazard, and while most glaziers will take the old stuff with them, it’s important to ask just in case as it needs to be disposed of properly to prevent injury.

Do you offer a guarantee on your workmanship?

Often glaziers will offer a guarantee or warranty on their workmanship, and the glass products they install. There’s no harm in asking if they do, It’ll cover you if you notice an issue with the installation or the glass itself. They’ll come out and fix it for free.

Does the glazier give you definitive answers to your questions?

If the glazier you are considering booking gives you answers that are not clear such as “that should be ok” rather than yes, this can lead to you paying more than you assumed you would. Make sure they confirm all details and clear up any uncertainties before you book with them for peace of mind. They should be friendly and happy to answer any questions you have without hesitation. Choosing a reputable company can ensure the entire process runs smoothly.