Bathroom glass – Why Is It More Expensive To Replace And Repair?


Most bathrooms have a few elements of glass, whether it’s the shower screen or windows, and if the glass in your bathroom has been broken or needs to be replaced, you may find it’s more expensive than regular glass. Why is this? Here, we’ll explain why you can expect to pay more for the glass in your bathroom than in some other areas of your home.


Quality glass types are used in bathrooms and they are more expensive than regular single-paned glass. Quality glass types need to be used in bathrooms for several reasons. The first and most important is safety. Bathrooms can be slippery when wet which can make them a hazardous environment. If inferior glass is used and it breaks, it will often break in large shards and if someone were to slip onto it, it can cause serious harm. Along with safety, bathroom windows and glass needs to be able to withstand heat and constant exposure to moisture. Glass suitable for bathroom use should have good insulating properties to keep in the warmth and minimise condensation to simplify cleaning.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass types such as acid-etched glass, textured, coloured, and low-iron glass combined with toughened glass and are commonly used for bathroom windows. They still allow ample light to filter into the area while maintaining uttermost privacy. These types of glass are popular but can be more costly than clear glass. While they are pricier, they eliminate the need for blinds or shutters in the bathroom which detract from its overall appeal, plus if you don’t choose moisture resistant window coverings, it’s a good chance that they’ll get mouldy in due course which is not only hazardous for your health but looks unsightly too.

Hardware And/or Framing

Often when glass shower screens or windows break, the hardware supporting it gets damaged too. Other times it’s old and seen better days and needs to be replaced. If this is the case, it can add to the cost of your repair or replacement.

Suitable Glass For Bathrooms

The glass in your bathroom must comply with The Building Code of Australia. Here are some suitable glass choices for both your shower screen/s and windows:

Shower Screen

To comply with Australian safety standards, shower screen glass must be a minimum of 4 mm thick in a fully framed shower screen and a minimum of 6mm thick for partial screens or frameless shower screens. From an aesthetic point of view, there are many options you can choose from, some popular ones included textured glass, sandblasted glass, and frosted glass. The glass must be Grade A, toughened, or safety glass. This type of glass is specially treated and up to five times stronger than standard glass. It is very hard to break, but if it does, it shatters into small blunt pieces which makes it far safer than regular glass. This can provide you with peace of mind knowing that if it is broken, you and your family members won’t be seriously injured from it.

Bathroom Windows

Privacy is key in a bathroom and there are several glass options that can provide just that as mentioned above. If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, installing energy-efficient glass such as double-pane or triple-paned windows is a good idea as they prevent the bathroom from getting too cold or hot. They also eliminate condensation. If your windows are prone to condensation, the excess moisture can pool may damage the surrounding framing over time.

How Can I Save Money On My Bathroom Glass?

The correct glass must be used for your shower screens to ensure they are safe and compliant. If cost is an issue and you are renovating a new bathroom, consider using a single frameless pane rather than two for your shower, or perhaps even a screenless shower will be better suited. For your windows, rather than choosing high-end glass for privacy, consider using a frosted film instead.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Or Repair My Bathroom Glass?

Unlike regular glass, toughened glass cannot be cut without exploding, because of this, we will normally only measure your glass requirements on the initial visit, then we will get the right sized glass for the job heat treated. Once it’s done, we’ll return a few days later to install it. The process takes no longer than a week to complete from start to finish.

Quality Glass Is An Investment

Whilst we all love to save money where we can, when it comes to safety, no corners should be cut. If your bathroom glass or window needs replacing, you should purchase quality glass. It is an initial investment, but the safety and energy saving benefits they offer are simply unmatched by regular glass. The same applies if you are renovating your bathroom and need to purchase new glass, don’t make the mistake of using glass that isn’t up to the job. Using regular glass is a liability and someone may get seriously injured, it is simply not worth the risk.
If you need the glass in your bathroom repaired or replaced, get in contact with our team of expert glaziers here at True Blue Glass, we specialise in all things glass and can help you find a glass type that suits your bathroom and budget to make it look like brand-new again.