How To Ensure Your Glass Is Hygienically Clean To Help Stop The Spread Of Covid-19


The importance of keeping our homes and workplaces clean and hygienic has never been more prevalent than it is now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Glass windows and doors make up a big portion of a building, so they must be sanitised correctly to stop the potential spread of this deadly virus. Not sure if you’re cleaning your glass properly or if the products you are using are killing COVID-19? Well, we’ve put together this post to share what you need to know to ensure your glass is clean and free from contaminants.

Can You See Traces Of COVID-19 On Glass?

Glass isn’t very good at hiding fingerprints, dust, dirt, and smudges however, if someone who is infected has touched the glass, or even brushed past it, it can leave the virus behind and it will be virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye. So, even if your glass looks crystal clear and gleamingly clean, it doesn’t mean that it is.

How Often Should I Clean My Glass To Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19?

The virus can survive on glass surfaces for up to 4 days. Cleaning of all surfaces should be done daily and more often if the glass is touched regularly, especially in places where multiple people from different places are visiting each day.

What Products Should I Use?

When coronavirus first hit our shores, there was some confusion as to which products would stop the virus in its tracks. Its been more than a year now, and this has given researchers time to formulate and determine which products work. While there are endless options out there, you don’t have to splash out on all new cleaning chemicals. The ever-humble dishwashing liquid does just as good of a job. It will leave your glass streak and germ-free. There is a catch though, it must be anti-bacterial, and it must kill 99% or more of bacteria to work effectively. You can buy this reasonably inexpensively from the supermarket and you don’t have to worry about dowsing your home or workplace in strong chemicals.

How Do I Clean My Glass Using Detergent?

Store-bought glass cleaners are self-explanatory, you just spray them on and wipe them off. Making up your own can be just as simple, here’s how:

You need to purchase two spray bottles. You can get them for around $2 each from a discount store. Fill one with water, the other with water and a dash of detergent.

Spray the glass liberally with the water only and wipe over with a cloth to remove any dirt and debris. Repeat if necessary. All the dirt must be removed before cleaning as it can inhibit the detergents ability to clean the surface.

Spray down your glass with the water and detergent and wipe over with a microfibre cloth.

Regularly cleaning the glass around your home or workplace means that dirt, dust and most importantly COVID-19 doesn’t have a chance to contaminate the glass, and it’ll be far easier and quicker to clean each time.

What About Glass Cleaners?

Glass cleaners can be harsh and using them too often can cause damage especially if you have glass with a film such as Low E glass. Once you’ve got your two spray bottles made up, they are ready to go. It’s cheaper and eliminates the sometimes-overbearing chemical smell that some cleaners are notorious for. If you are cleaning glass that is frequently touched or is a high traffic area, you should sanitise the area using a disinfectant based product to ensure it is actively killing the virus.

Which Cleaning Cloth Is Best?

The cloth you use doesn’t matter in terms of killing COVID-19, but it does matter when protecting your glass. You should always use a soft, clean cloth that is non-abrasive to clean your glass. If you have troublesome stains, try soaking them with a little of your soapy mixture and let it sit for 10 minutes. If this doesn’t help, you can try a soft brush to lift it. Squeegees are another popular choice and so is scrunched up old newspaper. Remember to be gentle when cleaning your glass, rubbing an area excessively can irreversibly damage it.

Products You Should Never Use On Your Glass

Regardless of their COVID-19 killing abilities, there are some products you should never use on your glass. Here are some products that you should keep far away from your glass:

  • Acid-based products.
  • Bleach based products.
  • Abrasive cleaners.
  • Abrasive cleaning materials such as scourers, stiff brushes, or scrapers.
  • If you do use a disinfectant on your glass, instead of leaving the product on the surface, wipe it off with water and a clean cloth. This will prevent it from damaging your glass. It will also remove some of the smell too.

We all have had to learn to live with COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the necessary measures we can to prevent the spread of infection from both our workplace and home. Being vigilant can protect us from contracting this potentially fatal virus. Here at True Blue Glass, we abide by Government guidelines when visiting your home to keep both you and our employees safe. If you have any questions about cleaning your glass to prevent COVID-19, just ask! Our knowledgeable team will happily answer them. Get in touch today.